Long Island, NY

Located on Long Island's South Shore, this c.1770 house was completely renovated and additional accomodation added.

The project pressented the challenge of restoring the Georgian charm of this c. 1770 house, while also adding new construction. The first part of the work involved removing previous insensitive additions, then raising the house up to replace it's old crumbling foundation. Once the foundations and framework were stabilised, the interior work could begin.

The brief was to preserve the original intention of the house as much possible, while updating it to the needs of modern living. The kitchen and service areas were reconfigured and extended with the addition of a new family room and utility area. Bedrooms and bathrooms were modernised and a new master suite was created within the existing envelope.

The Central Hall and formal rooms were restored with careful attention to original details. Surviving details were restored, while missing parts were researched and duplicated. Externally the new work fits comfortably with the old. Internally, the new accomodation was treated in a simplified sympathethic manner without attempting to copy the old or be self conciously modern.