Published Projects

The firm's work has been featured in various periodicals, books and media.


Flower Magazine:
Memories in The Making by Alice Welsh Doyle, Mar/Apr 2023 [pdf]

New York Cottages & Gardens:
American Beauty by Kelly Velocci, March 2018

Coastal Living:
The Bright Fantastic by Brielle Ferreira, July/August 2014

Maisons Cote Ouest:
Vintage et Contemparain par Caroline Mesnil, Decembre 2012-Janvier 2013

Home Observer Magazine:
In Season by Sarah Hucal, Fall 2011

Long Island Advance:
Preserving History At Home by Sarah Hartmann, 24 January 2008

House & Garden:
In Their Element, August 2002

Great Country Kitchens
Respecting The Past, Spring 2002

Architectural Digest:
Kunst Auf Dem Gipfel, Februar/Marz 1999

House Beautiful:
A Breezy Splendour, June 1994

The Rose Of Nantucket, June/July 1992

Architectural Digest:
Le Piu Belle Case Del Mondo, February 1992

Architectural Digest:
Into The Woods by Stephen Drucker, December 1991

The Architectural Digest 100 Architects:
August 1991

Architectural Digest:
Contemporary Clapboard On A Nantucket Pond by Brendan Gill, August 1990

Architectural Digest:
Architects Review; Baths, August 1989

Architectural Digest:
Cultural Exchanges by Carter Ratcliffe, April 1985

Architectural Digest:
Immersed In A World Of Americana by Robert Bishop, September 1983

Architectural Digest:
Rural Medley Country Homes by Paige Rense, 1982

Contemporary Architects,
St. Martin's Press, New York, 1980

Restuarant Design:
Kinsleys Restuarant, Spring 1980

Architectural Digest:
Country Idyll by John Ashberry, April 1979

The New York Times:
Gardening by Marilyn Bethany, 1979

The New York Times:
Studio In A Stable by Joan Kron, 19 May, 1977

Architectur Und Wohnen: Haus Lowell Nesbitt, 1979

Horsing Around, Spring 1979

House & Garden:
Just One Room Can Do It All, Spring 1978

Pooling Their Talents, September 1979

Architectural Digest:
Background for An Artist by Peter Carlsen, April 1977

MD Magazine:
Sculptor Of Space, October 1976

Architectural Record:
A "Bare Bones" Pavilion, November 1975

New York Magazine:
High, Dry AND Handsome, by Robert W. Langer, 10 March 1975

The New York Times:
Mating of Traditional and modern by Norma Skurka, 1 October 1972

The New York Times:
New Boston Center by Ada Louise Huxtable, 11 September 1972

Christian Science Monitor:
The Smell Of Cedar, The Whispering Wind by Roderick Nordell, 18 June, 1971

The Washington Post:
Nixon Goes To Wolf Trap by Richard L. Coe, 1971

The Wall Street Journal:
Wolf Trap's New Crop by Phyllis Funke, 3 September 1971

Washington Joins Showbiz,by Robert J. Landry in Variety, 18 August 1971

The New York Times:
New Arts Site Near Capitol Bowing by Harold C. Schonberg, 1 July 1971

The Washington Post:
A Happy Union - A Grand Simplicity by Wolf Von Eckardt, 23 January 1971

The Boston Globe:
A Celebration Of government, 9 February 1969

The New York Times:
Boston's New City Hall: A Building of Quality by Ada Louise Huxtable, 8 February 1969

Architectural Forum:
Boston's City Hall by Sibyl Moholy Nagy, February 1969

Christian Science Monitor:
Boston's New Power Structure by George B. Merry, 22 January 1969

House & Garden Building Guide:
Poised High On A Dune, Spring 1969

Time Magazine:Architecture: An Airy Fortress, 21 February, 1969

Architectural Record:
The New Boston City Hall by Mildred Schmertz in Architectural Record, February 1969

Time Magazine:
Buildings For The Year 2000, 2 August 1968

Progressive Architecture:
The New Boston City Hall, April 1963

Architectural Record:
Three Columbia Faculty Members Win Boston City Hall Competition. Architectural Record, July 1962

Progressive Architecture:
Boston City Hall; Chandigargh On Scollay Square, July, 1962

Time Magazine:
Art; End of the Glass Box?, 25 May, 1962

Better Homes & Gardens:
Vacation House, 1961

Published Projects

The firm's work has been featured in various periodicals, books and media.


Architecture: Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future,
American Institute of Architects, edited by Nancy B. Solomon, 2008

The New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens Of The World
Dominique Browning & the Editors of House & Garden, 2005

Marcus Field & Mark Irving,1999

Living On The Water
Elizabeth McMillian,1998

Farm: The Vernacular Traditions Of Working Buildings
David Larkin, 1995

Rustic Traditions
Ralph Kylloe, 1993


Home & Garden Television:,
Home by Novogratz, 1 Sept, 2012

Home & Garden Television:,
Liquid Design, 2001